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A Choice of


Play Options,  Languages,


Weather, Transportation



English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, German.  


Choosing a target language means that your child will begin the process of acquiring this language through immersion play time with the teacher.  The teacher will communicate with the child 80% to 100% of the time in that language, based upon your preference.


Language Options





Sun, play, nature discovery.


As we all know, children weren't designed to be indoors 24/7.  Healthy development for children includes lots of sun, space to run, and exploration of nature - birds, trees, insects, flowers.  Our safety-trained teachers meet your child in a park to which you both have walked and spend time together exploring the park (or the outdoor space at your home).  We have 4 languages, and 3 structures from which you may choose.  

No one uses public transportation. That's our policy! (See our travel options below.) Everyone agrees to observe strict safety protocols at home and at work.  Our safety-trained teachers meet your child in a park or outdoor space at your home.  

Outdoor Play Option 1: Parent Present:  The parent is present during the session and chooses whether to participate or be nearby on a park bench.  Drop-off, pick-up, and close contact comforting of a child who has perhaps scraped a knee, is the responsibility of the parent.


Outdoor Play Option 2: Child Care: The parent is not present, and has free time to run errands, work etc.  The teacher is your child's caregiver; leading the child's play, immersing her in the language, and responding to his developmental needs.    Here the parent may choose to handle drop-off and pick-up themselves, or we can arrange to have these handled by our staff. 


Outdoor Play

Mommy and Me


Join us indoors or outdoors for play, art, and nature discovery led by our native speaking teachers.


Indoor Social Development Play – You and your child and 1 – 2 other parent/child pairs will play in our Morningside PlayCare space. An opportunity for your child to continue social skills development, and sustain exposure to the target language.  An opportunity for you to spend time with other families and work on projects, activities, music, and art that can be continued at home.  Physical distance doesn’t have to mean social distance. Adults will monitor  children’s physical distance.


Indoor Individualized Play - Your child and one of our teachers play and learn while you are on premises joining in, or working nearby.

Outdoor Play and Nature DiscoverySee our Two Hours Outdoors content




Outdoors at Your Home – Please see our Outdoors Class Content option.


Indoors at Your Home– This is for families who want us to do the work of finding a teacher/Nanny  trained by us in target language immersion learning play, nature discovery, and well of course, COVID safety protocols.  We will be recruiting someone who does not take public transportation to your home and meets your family’s needs.  Content is play-based and includes indoor and outdoor time.  It is possible to have this person help with meals and housekeeping.  



This is our traditional Morningside PlayCare with a COVID Safety Twist:  Only 2 – 3 children per class.  No public transportation for adult or children participants, frequent sanitizing, jump-suits, and more.  See our safety protocol.  Content includes a regular schedule of language immersion with indoor and outdoor play, art and nature discovery.



3 days per week. 

5 days per week 

Half Day 

Full Day

Extended Day

Limit to only 1 other playmate.




Tell Us What You Need


Customized / Individualized Program - The idea is to meet your families needs, and for everyone to feel safe and comfortable with the plan.  Let us know how you might like to customize and if it’s possible, we will do so.  If not, we’ll still try to find a way.  We are way-finders.

Mommy and Me
In-Home Child Care
Brick & Mortar School
Custom - Tell Us What You Need



Transportation OptionsWe require that all participants (families and staff) use only the safest options for travel to and from our activities. 


  • Walking Option - Pick-up or Drop-off occurs with an adult walking to and from.  This of course means, we choose outdoor spaces convenient for walking. 

  • Designated Car -  Pick-up or Drop-off occurs using our own dedicated car and driver.

Weather OptionsWe do rain or shine play because nature is rain or shine and children love it all - unless of course it is uncomfortable.... so we use discretion.  You  can choose to dress your child for the weather, to skip rainy days, or to have us come indoors.

Transportation & Weather
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