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Nursery thru 2nd Grade

Mighty Morningside

New York City's  Leading Nature Science and Language Immersion Nursery School has just pivoted to meet your current and immediate needs.

Our Philosophy: Safety, Child Care, Nature Science, Socialization - all of the essentials can happen in a context of Play-Based Language Immersion.  This was our philosophy before the world changed and it is our philosophy today.  So what are we doing differently?  We have new safety protocols and a rich menu of options for parents working at home and those who commute to the office. 


Our Safety-First Options

(offered in a range of languages)

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Child Care


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Nursery School

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What We've Been Doing Distinctively

for Five Years

Nestled in the beautiful Morningside Gardens Coop grounds, Morningside PlayCare Immersion has thrived as a boutique nursery school and learning lab for the Columbia University and Harlem communities.  Distinguished by our Mandarin and Spanish immersion, as well as our deep Nature exploration and yoga, our small lab-school is known nationally, for it's research on best practices in the field of early childhood language immersion.  The current world crisis has created an unexpected opening for us to make our services available  more broadly and throughout the region.  Click below to visit our website and learn more.  View our research page.

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from Our Parents

TED Talk

on the Neuroscience

Behind Our Program. 

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15 Years Later.

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